Why choose DAISAKU

High Quality Post-Industrial Resin (PIR)

All of the scrap and unused plastic we purchase is industrial waste (PIR) sourced from factories and companies around Japan.
This means that not only is our product higher quality, compared to Post-Consumer Resin (PCR), but also leads to less smell and contamination, resulting in a top quality granule / pellet / flake. Use of PIR plastics, compared to PCR, is why we believe our partners keep coming back for more, as the net result is of a much higher quality.

Regular Supply:

We have a great relationship with various manufactures here in Japan, which supply us with high quality scrap and unused plastic. This alongside our large-scale factories and storage facilities means we can constantly supply regular volumes of granules and flakes to customers around the world.

History and Experience in The Industry:

We have a wealth of history and experience in the industry, having shipped to over 20 countries since we were first established back in 2002. Our team has been supporting our customers throughout the years and keeps the highest standard of service Daisaku and Japan, as a whole, are known for. We also have a highly knowledgeable support team dedicated to helping you import our cargo smoothly and effectively, which means you are always in safe hands with Daisaku, wherever you may be in the world.